Miri's portraits, Nashville, Tennessee 37205

Miri is a young artist from Slovakia who has been drawing for about 12 years professionally. She did not study art; therefore, to keep growing and evolving her style Miri finds inspiration in music, people and experiences, and she always works hard on her artworks.

She made an appearance in several interviews in her home country, one for the most listened-to the radio station in Slovakia - Radio Express. She's been mentioned in a magazine called Kamarat and has won several local art awards.

"Pencil is my favorite tool! Sometimes I use a charcoal, I experiment with colors, do murals, and I make portraits in a graphic program from time to time. Drawing is joy of my life! I have painted and drawn many portraits for my family, friends, friends of friends, restaurants, clients oversees and local people. It is the most satisfying feeling to see smiles on people's faces when they tell me that a portrait I made is a lifelike resemblance of their loved ones. A portrait is a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, graduation, a "thank you" gift, . . .fit for any occasion. I enjoy drawing pet portraits and people portraits; and seeing that people enjoy it too is wonderful!"

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