MIri comes from Slovakia, from a little town in the exact center of Europe. Only a few years ago she learned English on her free time within 4 months in order to be able to fly to the United States to discover the culture. Later she got accepted to a college and now is about to continue her education in a university. She is happily married, missing her family and wishing she could visit them one day.
Miri is an artist who enjoys a wide range of activities. She is a dog trainer using positive reinforcement (clicker training), she is an athlete, nutrition guru, chemistry lover, philosophy nut ,science explorer, and language enthusiast (5+). She enjoys reading in her free time, piano and loves listening to her husband playing guitar. She wishes the education in the USA was for free like in Europe, because the wide range of interesting subjects that are available for studying are a big temptation to her. Miri considers herself a life long learner and she likes expressing herself and her feelings in her art.


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