Follow these steps if you want to order a portrait:

1, Decide what picture you want to email me. The photograph has to be clear, not blurry, so I can see the details when drawing a portrait. 

2, Email the picture to with any requirements and questions.

3, Wait for my reply (less than 48 hours) with estimated price and time of completion.

4, Pay a half of the payment through PayPal to

5, Get the email from me about the progress of drawing with a picture

6, Pay the other half upon completion of the portrait - no late payments

I am working on commission. Contact me through email ( with a desired picture and your requirements and I will send you back the estimated pricing and estimated time of completion. I will send an email with the picture of the drawing prior to shipping so you can see if you are satisfied with the results and pay through PayPal to 

Completion of a single portrait might take from a few days up to 2-3 weeks so make sure that you send your order well ahead of your desired shipping date. Shipping and handling will be counted in the final price. First half should be paid at the beginning and the second half after completion of the portrait. 

The pictures are shipped to you without the frames and prices range from 50 dollars to several hundreds. All pricing depends on the size of the picture, amount of work, amount of persons on a single picture, other requirements and factors. 

The following listed prices are just an approximate estimate, a guide for you to see what you might spend on a portrait. 


Small drawings (up to 8.5 x 11 inch) cost up to 150 dollars

Regular drawings (8.5x11, 11x14) usually cost from 150 dollars and up - this format is usually wanted by my clients most frequently. 

Large drawings (bigger than 11x14) can cost from 300 dollars up. It depends on the size and amount of work. 

The portraits that require a lot of work and are oversize will be more expensive. It all depends on the quality of the photograph you send to me and amount of work. You can just send me the picture and requirements and I will let you know what price I would charge. Also, I run holiday specials so be sure to catch those!!! 


This is an example of a good photograph to send. Please send pictures in big formats (much bigger than this picture). Make sure the pictures are clear, not blurry, and I can easily see the details. Make sure the picture is not too dark or too light.  


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